Winter warmers

DSC_0120-3 It hasn’t exactly been the coldest of winters so far in London, in fact it’s quite the opposite and it’s been mild all the way through December. But as usual January brings with it a bitter chill, and so I can’t help but try to wrap up and block out the cold. That’s what this outfit is all about: an attempt to stay warm without hiding the essence of the outfit under bundles of layers and scarves. Continue reading


What I wear to work

Topshop ootd

Topshop skirt | H&M top | Gabor boots

There’s no point in lying; the best thing about working in retail for a brand like Topshop is the discount. I might as well not get paid because as soon as that money comes in it goes straight back to them via the clothes that I buy. But it has done wonders for my wardrobe, and seeing as my life is now spent at work I use every shift as an opportunity to showcase my new purchases and try to remix them into as many outfits as possible. I share my #ootd’s regularly on Instagram and thought I’d share a few here with you also! If you want to see more in the future then make sure to follow me @rosemolly93. Continue reading