Merry Christmas!


I have finally finished the last of my wrapping, my family have all returned home from work, and as of 3am this morning so have I! It’s been a bit of a struggle to ramp up the Christmas cheer recently because I work in retail, which has the power to drain anyone of their festivity and replaces it with stress, unsocial tendencies, and general pessimism about the holiday. But after working overnight to set up sale, I’m free for two whole days so I can properly enjoy Christmas with my family, and other loved ones.

However you’re spending today, Christmas Day, or Boxing Day – I won’t judge if you refuse to change out of your pyjamas, or if you open a bottle of prosecco at 10am – I wish you all a wonderful Christmas!

p.s. Can’t get over how adorable my wrapping tools are this year, from my new favourite place kikki.K!


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