Ice skating at Somerset House

SAMSUNG CSCIt’s officially less than a week until Christmas and so I am officially overflowing with cheer, excitement, and mulled wine… I’ve surprisingly become more excitable over Christmas as I’ve got older, but this has nothing to do with the presents that “Father Christmas” will bring me. It’s because along with the exuberant decorations and guilt-free food, Christmas brings so many different opportunities to spend time with friends and other loved ones. And that’s exactly what this post is about: a magical day with my favourite person.

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCIt’s not officially Christmas until Elliot and I have been ice skating. We’ve tried out a few of the ice rinks in London over the past few years, but this years visit to Skate at Somerset House topped them all. An iconic location set just a walk away from the bustling and beautiful Covent Garden, this ice rink scored a 10 out of 10 for spirit, sophistication and most importantly for its lack of irritating show-off’s (but that might just be because we went before the schools were out). After an hour or two spent meandering the market and cobbled streets in Covent Garden, we wandered over to Somerset House into what is any Christmas lover’s paradise.

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCMy first few minutes on the ice is always comparable to bambi’s first steps, so we gave ourselves some dutch courage with a cup of mulled wine in Tom’s Skate Lounge before our session. I must say being able to wear lace up skates instead of the generic blue plastic clasped ones made a huge different to how comfortable I was, and satisfied any concerns I had about colour clashes! Because our session was booked from 3-4pm we got to see the rink light up as the sun went down, and transform into a multi-coloured icy wonderland, which made for some very christmas card-esque photos. Whether you’re a natural born skater, or would rather watch those less skilled (or perhaps more cocky) falling over from the comfort of the lounge, Christmas just isn’t complete without an hour on the ice, and I think Skate at Somerset House is the best place to do it.

SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCBut that wasn’t the end of my day, even though it was the end of my photographing. This was all a belated anniversary celebration for me and Elliot, who have been together for five years believe it or not! He’d told me to keep the evening free, and then that he had a surprise planned for us, and although I was already excited nothing could have prepared me for the moment he handed me two tickets to see Les Miserables on stage! If you’re a theatre fan, you’ll get it, if not all you need to know is that after the film came out I played the entire soundtrack on repeat for like a month. So it’s kind of a big deal. I had the most magical day with the most wonderful person, and already I’m feeling truly, truly blessed this Christmas!



One thought on “Ice skating at Somerset House

  1. I just can’t get to grips with ice skating… everyone tells me if you can roller blade you can ice skate, but I can’t. It looks so lovely and Christmassy though, I feel like I am missing out. Any tips for newbies?


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