Ice skating at Somerset House

SAMSUNG CSCIt’s officially less than a week until Christmas and so I am officially overflowing with cheer, excitement, and mulled wine… I’ve surprisingly become more excitable over Christmas as I’ve got older, but this has nothing to do with the presents that “Father Christmas” will bring me. It’s because along with the exuberant decorations and guilt-free food, Christmas brings so many different opportunities to spend time with friends and other loved ones. And that’s exactly what this post is about: a magical day with my favourite person. Continue reading


How to be hygge

SAMSUNG CSCWhen it comes to winter evenings at home, you’re likely to find me wrapped in bundles of scarves and blankets, either catching up on winter tv or reading on my kindle. How cosy, one might say, or rather: how hygge. A warm cup of tea, a quiet evening spent with a book, chatting to friends by candlelight, all of these things are hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), which is a Danish term often translated as ‘cosy’. The concept is a simple one, but it means so much more than cosiness: it’s an attitude towards things, viewing the simple pleasures of the home, and the people surrounding you, as precious. The people of Denmark have a talent for embracing hygge, which makes them one of the happiest countries in the world, and it’s a concept that has struck a cord with me too. Although the Danes manage to remain ‘hyggeligt’ all year round, it’s not always something that’s possible in suburban London, where stress and noise is never far away. But as Christmas approaches, what better time to embrace simplicity and do a few things that can make all our lives a little more hygge. Continue reading

What I wear to work

image7-2I regularly capture my work outfits on my crummy iPhone camera and post them on instagram, so this is a roundup of the ones I’ve shared in the last two months or so! My last what I wear to work post was at the end of summer, so I’ve obviously had to transition my wardrobe to suit the colder months. Yes, all of the outfits are partly (and in some cases entirely) Topshop so there is a fair amount of repetition, but I strive to have a teensy bit of variety in my working wardrobe. My favourite new pieces as you can probably tell are my beloved Magnificent sock boots, even though they do get slightly uncomfortable after standing in them for 4 hours, and I’m still obsessed with my waistcoats! Continue reading

Afternoon tea… On a bus

SAMSUNG CSCYou know those ideas that you wish you’d had first, like serving afternoon tea on a Routemaster bus whilst touring around London? Well, that is exactly what I did on my birthday last Wednesday, and it is something I wish I’d thought of first! When my mum asked me how I wanted to spend my birthday I had the answer all prepared: BB Bakery’s Afternoon Tea Bus Tour. It does what it says on the tin; BB Bakery’s signature afternoon tea is served on their own Routemaster bus whilst driving through the city, allowing passengers to sample their deliciously tasty treats and take in their surroundings all at the same time. How very British. Continue reading

Birthday round-up

SAMSUNG CSCI don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22… Yes, the blessed and (somewhat) carefree age of 21 has been and gone as it was my 22nd birthday on Wednesday! The last year has taken me to Paris, skiing in Alpe d’huez, on an impromptu holiday to Italy, to Lake Como on my first family holiday in years, and most importantly it saw me graduate from Bristol university. Needless to say it has been a busy year! But now I’m 22, which I think makes me officially an adult (boo). Continue reading