Halloween ghost cupcakes

Halloween ghost cupcakesI’m not the biggest fan of Halloween but when it comes to trick or treat, I’ll go for a treat every time – especially when it comes in the form of these adorable ghost cupcakes! A holiday just isn’t a holiday if I don’t do a themed bake, and it’s quite difficult to make something cute and kitsch that involves fake blood or spider webs… So I had a look and found these ghost meringue cupcakes. I won’t take credit for the idea, but I thought it was only right I share my own attempt (plus some other tips that might come in handy) with you!Halloween ghost cupcakes Halloween ghost cupcakes Halloween ghost cupcakes SAMSUNG CSCThe most fiddly bit is the meringue ghosts, but this was my first time making Swiss Meringue and it was fine! I used this recipe just to have the English measurements, but don’t worry the meringue definitely doesn’t need to be baked in the oven. When it comes to the piping I used a standard round tip, and I used a toothpick to dot the eyes with black food colouring. I quickly found that too much food colouring on the toothpick causes the dye to bleed, so I would either recommend dabbing the toothpick on some tissue paper to remove the excess, or using gel food colour because I don’t think it’ll run as much.  
Halloween ghost cupcakesHalloween ghost cupcakesEt voila! Aren’t they boo-tiful? Just a little inspiration for your Halloween celebrations this weekend. Happy Halloween! Halloween ghost cupcakes



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