Textured autumn nails

Matte red and gold nail varnish

My usual nail varnish routine is something like this: see nail varnish online, buy nail varnish, paint nails, (two days later) get bored and remove nail varnish, and repeat. Said nail varnish is then lost to my ever-growing nail varnish drawer, never to be seen again. Well, I’ve broken this cycle with Barry M’s matte nail varnish in Crush. It’s the perfect autumn shade, and having not tried matte finishes yet I’m pleased to say I am a convert. Since buying this it’s reappeared on my nails a few times, but even so I did find myself erring towards the usual routine and wanting to spruce it up a little bit this time round. So, I decided to whack out a Topshop nail varnish (Gold Rush) I bought a few years ago and play around with texture. All I did was wipe the brush of the gold nail varnish on a tissue until there was barely any left on it, then I swept it across the nail from the left, and then from the right. Do this for each nail and you’re left with a lovely fleck of metallic gold that really emphasises the matte red, and makes it even more autumnal! Pair it with some gold jewellery and you’re good to go. Simple, but effective. Now, let’s see how long it takes me to get bored this time.

 Matte red and gold nail varnish Gold topshop nail varnish and red matte barry m nail varnish Matte red and gold nail varnish


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