Royal Academy

SAMSUNG CSCThis is just a quick post to demonstrate one of the many ways to spend a Friday afternoon in a not-so-sunny London! Being somewhat unorganised and in the mood for a wee bit o’ culture, the wonderful Graihagh (pronounced like Freya) and I found ourselves wandering over to the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition. The exhibition consists in a curated collection of just about anything that in this modern day qualifies as art, each piece entirely different from the rest, which are there to be discussed, admired, and even bought. But if, like me, the coppers in your purse won’t stretch that far, then the rainbow staircase that leads you into the exhibition is worth a visit just for the Instagram value, really. Note: waiting time for a photo of the stairs without any people on it whatsoever is excruciatingly long.


Topshop sleeveless jacket / top / Joni jeans (this is not a sponsored post, unfortunately…)

SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCThe exhibition ends soon so get down to Piccadilly quickly! 


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