Cupcake garden


It’s dissertation season and final exams are approaching, so naturally I decided to dedicate my Saturday to creating a garden of cupcakes! Flower pot cupcakes to be more precise. I’d seen a picture on Instagram which gave me the idea to use plant pots as a novel way of presenting cupcakes, and I’m so impressed with the result!

To decorate the chocolate cupcakes (recipe here), I covered them all with a thin layer of chocolate buttercream to form a smooth and sticky base for the chocolate sprinkle soil. I then used buttercream coloured in pink and green to make the roses and leaves. The decoration was so easy even my non-baking housemates got involved! I bought the plant pots from Wilkinsons for £1 for 10 or something as cheap as that, and it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes given how simple an idea it is. The cupcakes were slightly too small to sit in the top of the pots unsupported, so I used scrunched up magazine pages to give them a bit of a base and it worked a treat.

This is an experiment gone right and I’m definitely going to try them again when the opportunity arises – they’re ideal for Spring and Summer. The chocolate cupcake and buttercream recipes are from the Hummingbird Bakery, and I’ve yet to find a better recipe for either, so check them both out. Happy Monday!




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