Alpe D’Huez

FullSizeRenderWhen I came to Bristol I promised myself that I would go on a university ski trip before I graduate. Well, in October I realised that two years later I still hadn’t been on one, so I booked onto Alpe D’Huez 2015! With my dissertation deadline looming and exams on the way, do I regret taking the week off to escape to the slopes? Not. At. All.

I’d been skiing only four times before last week so I don’t consider myself an expert at all. I’d call myself ‘intermediate’ at a push. As long as you can get down the mountain it’s okay, right? But this trip was about so much more than skiing. Of course, it’s the reason we’re all there, but it was the most sociable week I have had of my entire three years in Bristol. Late nights, early mornings and a daily dose of aprés-ski, I was well and truly exhausted by the time I arrived home, but it felt like an entire year of uni rolled into one. If you’ve been skiing, you know what it’s all about. If you haven’t, nothing I can say can convey the feeling of gliding (or rolling) down a mountain! So I thought I’d save us all the time and just share a few of my photos of my incredible week instead.

21174_10153155605184675_6064861446238033587_n10360352_10153209856282629_7332874730889070122_nMountain selfies with the darling Lauren


The beautiful resort in all its glory

1623633_10153209854432629_2173898740701150296_n11082641_10153155605384675_4091154528623665925_nAprès après après

10929973_10206573569361729_6369665852514403356_nRoomies on the slopes


Topshop Sno ski jacket and salopettes – a great collection of sleek and quality ski gear!



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