M is for mermaid

I am an absolute sucker for fancy dress, and I definitely put maximum effort into any costume. This weekend I went to an Alphabet party. The concept is simple: dress as something beginning with the letter of your name. There were gorillas, tamagotchis, animals of all sorts, and the hostess made herself into a very tasty bakewell tart! For me I had M to work with (obviously), and the first thing that came to mind was the idea that stuck – a mermaid! Every little girl dreams of being one, and at 21 I finally made that dream a reality with this handmade costume.

All it took was an old bodycon dress (body of the tail), an old nude bra (shell bra), shells and some aquatic fabric. Add in a glue gun and some creative flair et voila! A mermaid. It was such a fun costume to both make and wear, and I got some great compliments on the effort I put in. Unfortunately I lost some stones from the bra throughout the night because of their weight, but it remained largely intact and it’s easily reparable. No matter what the theme is for the next fancy dress party I go to I will somehow make a mermaid work so I can wear this again!

image2 image4


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