Tea on the Green


Exams are finally over, so to celebrate I spent last weekend in Exeter with my boyfriend, Elliot. Having spent the last 3 weeks cooped up either in my uni house or the library I really needed a change of scenery, so I took it one step further and changed city instead. It was a weekend of relaxation with not a care in the world; just what I needed.

On Saturday afternoon we wandered into the city centre and had a wonderful lunch at Tea on the Green, a small establishment by Exeter Cathedral. It’s a beautiful setting, made even more beautiful by the sunny weather, and so we took the time to have a mini photoshoot on the green outside the cafe before the sun went down. I joined the white jeans crew over summer and thought I’d give them a little outing paired with my beloved roll neck jumper and pointed toe boots. You can probably tell from the photos how embarrassed I was trying and failing to pretend that I hadn’t asked Elliot to take pictures of me, but it’s all for the sake of the blog! I’m slowly overcoming my fear of awkward posing, and hopefully one day I’ll be a bit more of a pro. Thanks go to Elliot for the photos, and for making this weekend so wonderful!



Whistles jumper | Topshop jeans | M&S boots | Betty Jackson Black coat | Mint Velvet scarf | Mulberry Taylor bag



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