Feeling optimistic

Screenshot 2015-01-08 22.37.57Long dog walks in the rain (instagram: rosemolly93)

Unless your birthday is in January, I reckon it’s a safe bet to be the least favourite month of the year. Everyone is poor, student or not (especially if you’re a student, though), everything seems that little bit more grey now that there aren’t twinkling lights everywhere, and for me there’s the added dread of exams. But, in an incredibly rare moment of optimism, I’ve thought of some reasons other than presents and fat jolly men in red suits to enjoy winter.

I think we take it for granted that with winter you know exactly what you’re in for. There are no false promises of high temperatures and a tan; you know you’re getting icy winds and hat hair. It’s for wrapping up warm, which brings me onto the next point: the winter wardrobe. I’m a massive fan of chunky knitwear, coats and boots of all shapes, which obviously makes the temperature drop perfect for me. This year I’m especially fond of the roll neck jumpers and over-the-knee-boots, and I know that I won’t want to be taking off come Spring time! You practically spend these three months masquerading as a walking duvet, and what’s not to love about that?

Screenshot 2015-01-08 22.38.09Oversized pink coats and long black boots (instagram: rosemolly93)

It’s also time to start planning for summer, something that is both incredibly uplifting and worryingly terrifying at the same time. In six months I will be graduating from university (hopefully), and so my life will literally be a question mark, but at least for now I can pretend I have aspirations by booking holidays and trips to me through the rest of third year. Not to mention my upcoming trip to Paris at the end of the month and skiing in March! I’m not wishing the next six months away, summer can take it’s time, but at least it’s close enough to dream big and get lost in the excitement of it all. let the countdown begin!

Screenshot 2015-01-08 22.38.23See you next year red cups! (instagram: rosemolly93)

What do you love about winter?



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