Liz Earle cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser

I’m an incredibly late starter, but I’ve finally cottoned on and started using the coveted Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser. I know that I’m only adding to the hundreds of reviews already out there, but as someone whose adolescence can be measured by empty bottles of skin products, antibiotics prescriptions and tried and failed ‘home remedies’ for acne I can safely say that it has been a long time since my face has felt as clean as it does now. You apply the cream to dry skin, which can at first feel unnaturally heavy for a cleanser, but rest assured once the cream has been removed with the muslin cloth you’re left feeling completely clean, soft and replenished. The cloth definitely has an impact on how you feel after cleansing because you can be sure that there is nothing left on your face to clog your pores! Just what we like.

The added steps involved with using muslin cloths to cleanse have already become part of my morning and evening skincare ritual. I’ve only been using it for a week now and I can feel that my skin is much cleaner than it has been in quite a while, which is obviously a good sign that this product suits me. It was completely accidental that the bottle also matches the rest of my skincare products! No harsh colours mean no harsh chemicals, and from years of battling bad skin I’ve definitely come to recognise the signs of a good quality and effective product. I know that what I’m putting on my face is both gentle and pure, and in all seriousness the colour of the bottle can be a good indicator, so remember that!

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First impressions are often the most reliable, and only a week later I’m incredibly pleased with my new cleanser. There are plenty of reviews out there that come from people who have never had to deal with the torment of acne, but take it from me – someone who hasn’t gone a day of her adolescent life without a spot or 10 – this product works.  I would recommend Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser to anyone, whether you have problem skin that you don’t want to aggravate, or you’ve just ran out and are looking for something new to try! Look no further.



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