My love for gold jewellery

Title imageMy jewellery box has profited immensely from the last few birthdays and christmases, and it is starting to shape into a collection to be proud of. I love the thought of having a jewellery box to pass on to future generations of my family, as I myself have received pieces that belonged to my Nana and are obviously priceless to me. Saying this, I’ve never been one to over-accessorise with my jewellery, even though I admire others who do, and I have never strayed away from silver. There is one ring and one necklace that I never take off, I almost never wear earrings, and occasionally I’ll add a bracelet or a watch into the mix – until now.

For my 16th birthday my mum, being the ingenious present buyer that she is, decided that it would be special for me to design my own ring. I had an idea in my mind of a silver ring I had seen, but I was persuaded to consider mixing metallics – silver and yellow gold – in the one ring. The final design was a white gold band with a large yellow gold heart in the centre and two small hearts either side of it, and it’s never left my finger since opening the box it came in! I’ve not seen many (if any) rings that have mixed silver and gold colourings like mine, and knowing mine is the only one of its kind is definitely special. I guess a part of me has always loved gold, but it’s only recently that I’ve started wanting everything in gold.



I now have three incredibly beautiful gold pieces of jewellery, all of which were 21st birthday presents that I will treasure always. If there’s anything that can cure post-birthday blues, it’s pretty jewellery! From my darling brothers I received a pair of timeless gold hoops, which are very subtle but have the added detail of a textured surface. Three years ago I lost my favourite pair of silver stud earrings and since then I’m rarely seen with something in my ears, but I’ve been wearing these hoops every single day. I was also given a wonderfully delicate gold chain with a poignant miniature key pendant on it. My mum is a firm believer of giving keys for 21st birthdays, and I was thrilled by my gold key! The two together is a simple combination but the gold really does make an impact, and it dresses up any casual daywear.

Zoomed in

As if that wasn’t enough to spoil me, I was also treated to a gorgeous gold necklace from my boyfriend’s wonderful parents. Giving the illusion of two necklaces, the two incredibly delicate layered chains have interspersed coloured gems on them. It’s both elegant and striking, and it will definitely be my go-to necklace for dressy occasions in the future.

Our generation is definitely far more in touch with silver accessories than gold, which is understandable given the dramatic difference in pricing, but my eyes have recently been opened to the true value of gold. There’s a reason the family heirlooms and vintage treasures from your grandmother’s jewellery box are gold, not silver; it’s a timeless material, and it will never go out of fashion. I cannot wait to keep building up my gold collection, and I know that these pieces will always be a part of it.

Do you prefer gold or silver jewellery?

SAM_199.jpg cropped




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