Get inspired to spiralise

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It says a lot about me when one of the most exciting presents I have ever gotten is a kitchen utensil… But this is not just any ol’ garlic crusher or potato masher – both novelties in the average student kitchen – this is a spiraliser. Health-gadget of the year, I would never have begun to imagine the innumerable ways that you could incorporate vegetables into a meal. Courgetti, sweet potato fries, cucumber ribbons, carrot noodles; the possibilities are endless, and I cannot wait to start ticking them off one by one with my new favourite toy.

My browser is now filled with recipes that are mostly vegetable based, something that would never have happened before, and I’m excited at the thought of being able to eat the food I love without the guilt that comes with most of them! My favourite so far is courgetti bolognese, which is simply homemade bolognese mixed in with the raw courgetti (costing you roughly 21 calories) on the hob to soften a little, without letting it lose its juiciness and bite. Giving the illusion of spaghetti, I can now enjoy the guaranteed comfort of spag bol without the guilt of the spag – what more could a girl want?!

Although mine was gifted to me by my thoughtful boyfriend, I’d done enough research beforehand to know that the Lurch 1-Piece Spiralo Vegetable Spiralizer is still the one to beat in this thriving market, and luckily it is also the one I now have! It’s incredibly easy to set-up, use and clean, so I would definitely recommend it to any spiraliser-novice, though I’m sure I won’t be looking to upgrade myself any time soon.

If you’re a foodie, or wish you had the time to be as health-conscious as you’d like, I urge you to invest in a spiraliser and enter a world where you can get just as much enjoyment out of preparing vegetables as eating them. Trust me, your food shop will never be the same again!

SAMSUNG CSCLurch 1-Piece Spiralo Vegetable Spiralizer




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