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It’s been building up for days, weeks and months, but my 21st birthday has finally been and gone! As expected, I woke up on Tuesday morning still feeling like an 18 year old, and yet I had reached the big two-one. I do wonder whether there will ever come a birthday where I actually feel like the age I am! Still, I cannot believe that I have officially reached adulthood – I can drink alcohol in America, I can rent a car abroad, I can even adopt a child if I really wanted to! This all seems like far too much responsibility for me, so instead I’m just going to focus on the wonderful day I had and how well and truly spoilt I have been with my presents (so far).

The weekend

Since being at university, it’s not been a given that I would be spending my birthday surrounded by my family. However, given this is a milestone I thought it only right that we celebrate it together, and so the weekend before the big day I returned to London, and my family (plus boyfriend and girlfriends) ascended 244m to The View From The Shard. Having not been up there yet, I’m glad I waited for this special occasion to do so – surrounded by the people most special to me! We enjoyed champagne, looked out at the incredible view and, luckily, got to see London in both the day and night. I would recommend going at night time because London lit up is a spectacular sight. When we’d filled our iPhones with photos that just do not do justice to the view, we descended and enjoyed a lovely meal together. It was the perfect weekend!

The day

On my actual birthday I was lucky enough to have my parents make the drive from London to Bristol to treat me to lunch. It really wouldn’t feel like a birthday if I didn’t get to see the two people responsible for my existence, and as always it was great to have my parents in Bristol. We had a delicious lunch, prosecco was consumed and I was very much spoilt! Once they had left, which is always an emotional affair, I had an evening with my closest friends to look forward to. I tend to prefer my actual birthday to be simple, so I continued this tradition with a straightforward birthday meal. We spent the whole evening laughing, the food was divine and I’m so glad I kept it plain and simple! You can’t go wrong with great food and even better company. To top the evening off, we ventured to my new favourite cocktail bar, and I ended my birthday with the most incredible Thai Daquiri. If you ever see it on a menu, order it – you will not be disappointed. My birthday was incredibly special, and although it was simple I will always remember it.

The presents

I’m not going to pretend that the best bit about birthdays isn’t presents! Let’s not be so silly. After all, you need something to distract you and cheer you up once the day has been and gone. I was lucky enough to get my newly beloved Samsung NX300, a camera that will become a permanent fixture in my handbag! Not only will it allow me more creativity with my blog, but it will be used to document my adventures in adulthood and all of the things I have to look forward to over the next few years. As well as this, my kindling love for gold jewellery was satisfied by my darling brothers, who treated me to a pair of gold hoops and the most delicate necklace. Jewellery is somewhat of a new obsession for me, and my birthday has definitely provided the perfect opportunity for me to grow my collection! Finally, the coveted Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is now a part of my make-up bag, and I cannot wait to experiment with the myriad of shades within it. My eyes will never be the same again! These are just a few of the beautiful gifts I got from family and friends, with some still to be opened… Lucky me!

For me, it’s only right that such a milestone birthday is celebrated with flair. I do think turning 21 is a very big deal, and to be honest despite the wonderful celebrations it still hasn’t quite hit me how old I really am now! Like I said, I’m not sure I’ll ever feel the age I am, but for now that doesn’t matter. I can say that I had the best 21st birthday that I ever could’ve had, and that is enough for me. I feel spoilt, special and treasured by those around me, and that is the best present of all! Happy birthday to me!




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