Birthday list

What's on my birthday list
Top: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for M&S | SamsungCharlotte Tilbury | Lulu Guinness

Bottom: Thomas Sabo | Charlotte Tilbury | Urban Decay

Autumn has gone by in a haze of orange, green and brown hues, and it’s that time of year where the ominous w-word comes to the fore… I am, of course, talking about winter. But along with the temperamental rain showers and the dry skin comes my birthday! It’s the big 21 in a week’s time so here are just a few of the things I would love to unwrap in 7 days time.

Clearly I’m looking to majorly boost my make-up collection, hence the double-appearance of Charlotte Tilbury and (what I hear is) the must-have Urban Decay Naked palette! I’ve chosen to go for 3 because I love the rosy tones, and I think they suit my fair complexion the best.

There’s a distinct lack of clothes, I know, but I always think they’re quite impersonal presents and so tricky to get right when buying for someone else. But there is a dressing gown! Anyone who has lived with me knows that I have an unhealthily close relationship with my dressing gown, but the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley edition is just to die for! It’s a definite must for me, and it will probably become my most-worn item this winter…

It’s quite obvious that my photography apparatus is my treasures iPhone, but now that I’ve established myself as a blogger the time has come to invest in my own camera! At first I was tentative about how much I would us it, but in the last week alone I’ve cursed myself for not having invested sooner, so I know that it will be taken with me everywhere I go and will definitely up my photo game.

And, finally, Lulu has stolen my heart with this gorgeous Edie satchel. In my head, I can picture it as becoming my go-to evening bag, the perfect balance between a clutch and a more practical satchel. If this isn’t a birthday present, then it will definitely be my new year’s resolution!

Only 7 days to go…




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