2014-11-10 13.48.41

Look at the triangle. If you had to choose two, which would you pick? You could spend your days socialising and your nights sleeping (or your nights socialising and your days sleeping), but then the never-ending debt that university has gotten you into will never be worth it with no degree to show at the end of it! Or, of course you could do the sensible thing and work and sleep. Sure, you’ll feel refreshed in the mornings and satisfied in the evenings after a long day in the library, but if you haven’t spoken to another human being in 12 hours then is it really worth it? Lastly, you could get your work done and be the social butterfly you’d love to be, but everyone needs their beauty sleep and I do not last well on a mere 8 hours of it, let alone 0…

This is my life right now. Not to mention fitting in the gym, blogging, the occasional baking, travelling to see my boyfriend, travelling to celebrate 21st birthdays, travelling home, writing my column, amongst other important things like eating and watching Downton Abbey. I know that most of the things I do are voluntary, and I could easily stop them if I wanted to, but they all make me happy and are good for me in individual ways. Third year has really stepped things up a notch and my entire house is starting to feel the strain, but I do take comfort in the shared struggle that this year is turning out to be so far. If there’s one thing you can count on at uni, it’s that you’re not the only one going through what you’re going through!

To all those first and second years out there, or even those yet to embark on the wonderful journey that is university, enjoy it whilst you still can – you’re in for a hell of a year!



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