Nike Fever

Trainers off

Nike Internationalist Mid trainers

A year ago I would never have considered buying a pair of Nikes for anything other than my semi-obsession with the gym, yet the last 8 months have introduced me to the comfortable, practical and effortless world of trainers. What I once considered the terrifying trend that I would never be cool enough to pull off (and still may not be) has become my obsession, and I recently invested in a new pair of Nike Internationalist Mids! They were a complete impulse purchase – the best kind of purchase – but I in no way regret my rashness. They’re slightly higher at the ankle than traditional Internationalists, but that only makes them more comfortable and also that little bit different. I love the neutral black but the pale blue/grey sole and label add a cute twist and make them more my cuppa tea. I’m in love!! Trainers front Trainers side

Have you given in to the trainer trend yet? Signature


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