DIY picture bunting

Make your own: picture bunting

Even after I’d unpacked and furnished my rented room for my final year at university, it still wasn’t quite mine yet. I needed to inject it with a bit more personality and panache, and so that is what I did by making my own picture bunting! It was literally as easy at 1, 2, 3, with the most basic equipment and patience required that even the most restless and uncreative of people could do it!

IMG_6372Materials: photos printed by myself on glossy photo paper, 40m of basic string and coloured pegs available in most arts and crafts shops


For ease of assembly, I roughly measured out how much string I would need to go across and around the walls in my room and unravelled it from the ball. I then started pegging the photos (in no particular order) to the string, trying to have them as evenly spaced out as possible, until I had reached the end of the allocated length of string to fit my room. Luckily I had estimated the number of photos that would fit perfectly, so it pretty much filled the length of string!

IMG_6376 IMG_6378 IMG_6384

And the rest was history! I already had nails dotted around my walls, which inspired my idea initially so all I had to do was wrap the string around the nails and fasten it off at the end. I would only advice that you make sure to hang the string as high as possible so that it doesn’t get in the way of any opening doors or tall guests you might have in your room, as you don’t want the photos being knocked down! It’s a great way of displaying your photos without either having to spend a lot of money on photo frames or to choose only the best photos, so I would recommend this to anyone who has some time to kill and space to fill!



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