IMG_6365 As soon as I was asked to provide baked goods for my good friend’s 21st birthday dinner party, I knew exactly what this occasion called for… Mojitos!!! There are no combinations I could think of that beat cupcakes and cocktails (apart from perhaps chicken and mushroom) and for such a big celebration I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give these babies a go!

The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book is my Bible. When I’m having a sad day, have a baking request to fulfil or am just a little bit peckish I will undoubtedly end up rifling through it. This recipe is for Mojito Mini Cupcakes but I decided to do them full sized as they were going to be dessert for the evening and I’d hate to have anyone going hungry! I won’t relay the recipe here in detail because that way you’ll buy the book and you will thank me for it… But it’s exactly the same recipe only I baked them for 20 minutes instead of the recommended 12-15 because they’re bigger than suggested! IMG_6333 IMG_6340 IMG_6347 Tip: I always pour my mix into the prepared cases using a jug, not from the mixing bowl itself. I don’t know the physics of it all, but for some reason this means that the cupcakes will bake with an even, flat top rather than having an unappealing peak in the centre of it, which makes it much easier for icing! Give it a go. IMG_6353For me, decoration and presentation is of the utmost importance when it comes to baking. No matter how nice it makes your kitchen smell or how tasty the cake is, its appearance makes a lasting impression and, let’s face it, that’s all that will come across in the photos! Obviously given the cocktail themed recipe I chose mint leaves, lime zest and some cocktail umbrellas for decoration, and spread them out across the cupcakes to give an overall aesthetically pleasing look!IMG_6359 IMG_6360 IMG_6363They are incredibly easy to bake and everyone who tried them has liked them, even if mojito isn’t their favourite cocktail like it is for me! For an exciting, simple and fun bake you should definitely have a go at making your own mojito cupcakes. Signature


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