My new home

To those of you who have experienced the initial disgust at university accommodation, I’m sure you’ll understand the message of this post. To those of you who haven’t, well, lucky you! Last week I was welcomed “home” to bare walls,  an excessive amount of dust and a residential musty scent that is evidence of the room’s vacancy over the summer, but I’ve managed to transform it into my own hideaway. 2014-09-25 16.16.31I’m guilty of taking up valuable surface spaces with lights that have no practical value, photos that only prolong the occasional cleaning I do and of course florals everywhere. But since I can’t be living in my true bedroom at home in London, I’ve had to bring as much of it as possible to Bristol to make this room acceptable. And you know what? I find it rather cosy already. 2014-09-25 16.16.06

My top priority was my desk because, realistically, I’ll be spending 87.6% of my year sitting at it. Originally the desk was next to the bed but I moved it into the corner so that I had no distractions and could also make it my own little hub for philosophising and getting stuff done. My Keep Calm and Drink Tea canvas was an absolute bargain from Primark, but it’s definitely going to be my motto for the year when the going gets tough. The twinkly lights help too.

2014-09-25 16.17.23 2014-09-25 16.21.50I’m also thrilled with my coaster! I found it at the Student Union store selling Bristol merchandise, but the portrayal of the Clifton suspension bridge was too adorable to not buy it! Although most of the time it’ll be hidden by a mug, it is an impactful detail to my room when it’s not. Another little tip: my Cath Kidston mug was chipped in my first year, and since then it functions as a pen pot but also adds character to my desk! Nifty, eh? 2014-09-25 16.21.21 Last but certainly not least… the walk-in wardrobe! It will undoubtedly end up being a dumping ground, but at the moment I’m in love with the space and surfaces I have to organise my wardrobe and hang and stack each category of items individually. An obsessive person’s dream! I keep the door open for daily inspiration (and also because the room looks incomplete without it). 2014-09-25 16.20.06 Screenshot 2014-09-25 20.12.59I’m sure my room will evolve throughout the year, constantly being updated with tokens from the year ahead and more parts of my personality, but less than a week in I’m incredibly settled in my new bedroom and I can’t wait to spend the next 9 months living in it! Signature


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