Third year bucket list

So here I am, a third year student at Bristol University! I cannot believe how swiftly the past two years have gone and still how much of this beautiful city I have to experience, which is why I’m giving myself a bucket list to complete before my time as a student is up and I have to enter the real world.


1. Leave no stone unturned. There’s something about the West country and their talents when it comes to pubs, and now I’m somewhat outgrowing the university clubbing scene I’m keen to visit as many of them as possible! In particular, the White Lion that overlooks Clifton suspension bridge is at the top of my list. I’m sick of seeing everyone else’s instagrams of this gorgeous view and I need to view it firsthand.

2. Unleash my inner artiste with life drawing classes. Since leaving school I’ve hardly picked up a pen and just sketched. Without the deadlines and pressure of Art A Level it’s quite hard to find time and inspiration to devote myself to art, so I’ve decided to take a course of life drawing classes this term! It’ll be the perfect respite from my intense year of work.

3. Be published and build up a portfolio. I’m officially a regular columnist! The Epigram has chosen me to be featured regularly both in print and online for Style and I am so excited! This gives me a chance to develop a unique writing style and tone of voice, and also to establish a portfolio that will definitely come in handy when it comes to the next stage of my life – tbc.

4. Ski trip. Two words which don’t need much more explaining. The university ski trip has been on my to-do list for the past two years, but since this is my final year I don’t really have another chance to postpone it! As long as I’m alert enough to book my space, I am so on this.

5. Pretend to be a historian to go to Amsterdam. I have insider information that this year’s history society trip is to Amsterdam, and having lived with three of the new committee members last year I’ve been invited to join them! I’m not sure quite what level of disguise that includes, but I’ll definitely be joining them.

6. Swim. Last year, the university invested a huge amount in the swimming pool. It’s in a pretty awful location so far away from the gym and university precinct, but it’s meant to be incredible so I’m going to make sure I venture there this year!

7. Make an effort to get to know people on my course. I’ve had a really close friend on my course for the past two years, but she’s now on her year abroad and I’ve realised how lazy I’ve been when it comes to socialising! This year is really going to be the last chance for me to get to know some more people, and that’s never a negative thing.




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