Happy first birthday Charlotte Tilbury!

2014-09-18 15.06.45

Two days ago, make-up lovers, beauty bloggers and intrigued passers-by were all welcomed to celebrate Charlotte Tilbury’s first birthday!! A recent convert to the vitality of make-up (thanks to my beauty obsessed buddy, Lauren), Lauren and I joined in the festivities for the afternoon and soaked up the buzzing atmosphere around the concession in the heart of Selfridges.

As well as being an opportunity to mingle, shop and gaze in wonder at the beautiful make up, there was a raffle running throughout the event giving each guest the chance to win a coveted Matte Revolution lipstick! It gave us plenty of reason to hang around, as did the cocktails and cake, and though neither of us won we were happy enough to be there amongst the buzz and the glamour. After successfully stalking the cocktail waiters (twice…), everyone watched in awe and hunger as the most impressive cake and cupcake selection were brought out, which, being an amateur baker and lover of all things cupcakey, was the icing on the cake for me!!

Most importantly, we got to meet the the exceptional talent behind the collection! Not forgetting how irritating it must be having iPhones shoved in your face all day, Charlotte Tilbury made the effort to introduce herself and spend some time with us, actually asking for photos rather than being asked. How charming is that?! It was truly a pleasure to speak to her, which makes it even more of a pleasure to wear her make-up! I will definitely be keeping up-to-date with her already incredible cosmetics collections.

For the rest of the afternoon, we hovered among the eager crowd and watched the artist at work. There’s something so hypnotising about watching people have their make up done! We may have left empty-handed, but our bellies were full of cake and enough free alcohol to have us giggling, and we loved getting up close and personal with the exceptional talent behind such a pioneering beauty collection! I personally can’t wait to see how Charlotte Tilbury’s 10th anniversary is going to be celebrated…


2014-09-18 15.28.40


IMG_5993 copy IMG_9434 copy

IMG_9613 copyThanks for the extra photos laurenlandonx!



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