Flawless workout

IMG_6188 A good gym session thrives off of a playlist with an upbeat tempo to suit each exercise, something that can distract you and has just a dash of aggression to put you in the right frame of mind. For me, Beyonce ticks all of those boxes and so forms the soundtrack to my standard routine with a selection of songs to match the various exercises that I do & love! What music gets you pumped up and motivated to work out?

Warm-up (treadmill) : Partition, Diva, ***Flawless, Grown Woman

Stretch : XO, Irreplaceable

Leg press (2 x 15 reps) : Blow

Adductor and abductor (2 x 15 reps each) : Drunk In Love

Chest press (2 x 15 reps) : Ego

Bicep curls (2 x 15 reps) : Single Ladies

Press ups (2 x 10 reps) : Why Don’t You Love Me

Abs (crunches, twists and leg raises) : End of Time



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