Confessions of a memory hoarder

It all started with an Instagram… After adding a map, postcard and ferry ticket from Croatia to my precariously pegged and assembled memory board, I stood back and was quite impressed at how much of my life had been recorded and mounted onto it. IMG_6020 I can’t remember quite when I started it, but so far (I’m hoping it’ll last for a long time) it’s decorated with: gig tickets, festival tickets, festival wristbands, lanyards, party invitations, family photos, birthday cards, holiday souvenirs, postcards, school hymn book, scouting badges, magazine cuttings, special notes from special people, employee of the month mention, and I’m sure there’s far more hidden beneath all of that but it’s far too delicate to search through.

I’m a hoarder, no doubt about it, and there’s also no doubt that I inherit this habit from my hoarding mother. My desk drawers are full of birthday cards, all of my school journals and I’m sure there’s a small box filled with sweet wrappers that was intended for an art project that I never quite got around to… And I just can’t throw them all away! I definitely need to toughen up and get rid of some things because I won’t be able to keep them forever, but for now I’m going to keep my memories posted on the wall and just postpone the impending task of throwing the first part of my life in the bin to make space for the next chapter! Signature


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