Tricks up your sleeve

The rumours have been confirmed as Apple releases images and a spec of the iPhone 6 and the technologically advanced Watch. Breaching the new world of wearable technology, I’m pleasantly surprised by the sleek style and aesthetically on-trend design of their latest gadget.


Three models for three different consumers, you can have the Watch, Watch Sport or my personal favourite, the Watch Edition, all with Apple’s signature silhouette and sharp detailing. With a seemingly simple standard dial on the side you can zoom in and out of the small screen for a user-friendly experience, do everything that’s not typical for a watch like make and receive calls, dictate messages and improve fitness with a pulse sensor, and there’s a handy charger that makes sure it’s always ready to be used. Once again, Apple has ticked all of the boxes!

I think what I like so much is that when the screen isn’t being used it could be a watch from any other fashion-forward jeweller, but with all of the hidden capabilities of Apple products. I’m still not sure I need a watch that has that much more power than being able to tell the time accurately, which I have no doubt the Apple Watch does, but I would personally opt for the navy leather strap and the rose gold buckle and face for a balance between dress and casual jewellery. It’s fascinating seeing how accessories are being transformed into digital machines, and I can’t wait to see just how many people, and what kind of people are going to invest in this most advanced jewellery item yet!

What do you think of the Apple Watch? Is it going to be on your 2015 Christmas list?



IMG_0152.PNGPhotos: Apple



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