Post-holiday blues


It’s one thing to miss the sunshine, sea and sand when you come home from a holiday, but it’s a whole other thing to come home two days early because of a distinct lack of sunshine. No, not even a lack of sunshine, more like the presence of torrential, tropical, road-flooding, building-shaking thunder and lightening storms because of a passing hurricane…

The thought of a week in Croatia kept me going through the last few weeks of my internship and I was repeatedly checking the weather in Dubrovnik, which was constantly above 25 degrees and sunny. Seeing the ever-present little sun icon on my iPhone really was the light at the end of the tunnel, but of course when the time finally arrives to pack my suitcase and board the plane this is all I see:


Don’t be fooled by the few photos of nice weather that are in this post. After three days in, two afternoons spent inside the hotel room and one sprint from restaurant to hotel that nearly drowned us, we decided to call it quits and start looking into changing our flights to come home early. It really was heartbreaking, and so these are possibly the worst post-holiday blues I’ve ever had because, well, sadly there were moments when it didn’t feel like a holiday at all.

Saying all this, 6 days in a country as beautiful as Croatia with a boyfriend as incredible as mine is something a lot of people won’t have the opportunity to do and so I know I shouldn’t complain too much. Dubrovnik is a wonderful coastal town with an incredible old town and stunning coastal views when it wasn’t raining, and plenty of restaurants and cafes to occupy us when it was. I’ve been told by so many people about how unspoilt and refreshing Croatia is, and on those counts it really didn’t disappoint.

Of course, our last two days were the sunniest. We were able to visit a local island, swim in the sea and get the base of a tan so we didn’t quite come home paler than when we left, which I guess I should be somewhat grateful for! Forgive me for being so bitter, I know 6 days away in a beautiful country isn’t something to be disappointed about, it just sadly didn’t quite turn out to be the relaxing, sun soaked week away that I had been waiting for all summer!! But I’ll take it as it is, and I will definitely be returning to Croatia when the sun returns to shining how it should be.

IMG_5985Old Town

IMG_6017 IMG_6016IMG_5929IMG_6005Old Town port

IMG_5982View from the hotel room



2 thoughts on “Post-holiday blues

  1. Aw, so sorry for all the rain, Molly. Same happened to me. I only spent 4 days in Central Croatia though (after my trip to Dubrovnik I got for my birthday got cancelled!) 😦
    4 days of rain. I got lucky with 2 hours of cloud covered skies at Plitvice National Park… Better than nothing, I guess 🙂


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