Summer lovin: monochrome

As the darker evenings and bitter chill of autumn approaches, it’s time to consider which wardrobe pieces can transition between the seasons. Monochrome has numbed the colour palette of this summer, but on the bright side this provides a gentle entry into the colder months of the year. Black, white and chic all over, it looks like monochrome will survive the harsh winter.

4e27c6aa128aa5694ad379077fc34a79 17b322baff4752dba703e280349a7c3d 23b75efddb785b3c6ec88c832ba7d085 43d495463b2d1937ba1689d44035e1cf 88c568416258deaee5070c9558574179 874cd3b127838b8f6aa6eb767e8c16a1 025970f1ff873f76f7476bf9c795d2cf 41572cba86b3b2aa8c0862492f87a50c 790301fba65c4367204bf488601cfbb3 bab7b84008fc935ce77e18fa6af11d83 dc038583cc909ddb62dd4f334ef4c123 e01af06f61f4c73c41d42976c3d34dde e4cadbb63661f13ab24d5626954ead0a e4dfec2ee06b6c587944adbb97138d13 f7759552b2f43090f8534374865bf41d(Photos: Pinterest)



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