My guilty pleasure

While most consider it a blessing, my guilty pleasure is often a curse – emptying my bank, consuming my time and demanding more trips to the gym. Of course, I’m talking about baking.

One of my recent recipes (inspired by, and not quite as good as Baking with Blondie, yet…) is the Cupcake Bouquet. Yes, don’t be fooled by their convincingly floral icing, those are vanilla cupcakes (Hummingbird Bakery recipe) arranged as a bouquet of roses. Now tried and tested three times, with promising results and feedback each time, I’m definitely considering going into the baking business, kinda.

Here’s one I made earlier:

IMG_5749IMG_5735 IMG_5736 IMG_5741 IMG_5744 It’s been a while since I last dug out my twee aprons and piping utensils, and now that they’re covered in icing sugar and eggs once more I’m very excited about what culinary adventures I’ll be embarking on next, and I’ll be documenting on this blog. Let’s hope my posts won’t be filled with soggy bottoms and under baked goodies like GBBO has been so far…



3 thoughts on “My guilty pleasure

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