A ride with a view

There’s little greater than  forgetting about a Christmas present and finding it months later, getting to relive Christmas morning in the middle of August. But I have found one thing, and that’s when the Christmas present you’ve forgotten about is a voucher for a helicopter ride over London with your boyfriend. Not too shabby, eh? Since it expires in September, I took the day off work and we headed out to Essex to take off for our incredible experience, which culminated in some pretty impressive photos (even if I do say so myself)…

2014-08-06 12.02.07 2014-08-06 12.19.37 HDR2014-08-06 13.23.362014-08-06 12.47.52 HDR 2014-08-06 12.47.58 HDR 2014-08-06 12.53.46 HDR 2014-08-06 13.00.00 HDR 2014-08-06 13.02.17 2014-08-06 13.02.55-1(Instagram: rosemolly93)

2014-08-06 13.06.16 2014-08-06 13.07.36 2014-08-06 13.08.46 2014-08-06 13.09.46 2014-08-06 13.11.32 HDR 2014-08-06 13.12.19 We had an incredible flight, a wonderful day and it finally felt like Summer for me! I would definitely recommend this experience for anyone stuck in a rut with present ideas, or just looking for something to do at the weekend!




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