Summer lovin: body chains

I’m loving the body chain at the moment. It dresses up the most basic bikini and it just adds that little bit more than a layered necklace (or something of that variety). It’s daring, and you need a helluva lot of confidence to rock it, but I’m inching closer and closer to getting one of these badboys for my upcoming holiday in the sun… Are you feeling daring?

2fda127748d5087c0ca6179bf195454b 3ccc515f3f5dc88a387c7276a00b5403 33734d57add56dd05862aa50a48b8c93 a8dd4678bc0e6f31a918135502428fa3 a76b4a4ff2daa2d91e8614f3d5817465 b0f85a107d1f5fbf616a9d8e6eabc9f0 bb477d8fa88505c040b347b2145252ed body_mos2_650_062514125655 c57a63d1c1a227e4ef5668e01585be00 d07f8e149720ba9eed841d5344f7d8a7 e747e343b5a130a95b882c9a66122952 f0d40fe79694b459208708868a9e4a74 Rihanna-Cross-Body-Chain(Photos: Pinterest)



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