Jewellery novice no more!

IMG_5224If I’m being honest, I’ve never considered myself to be a jewellery connoisseur. I have a jewellery box full of gold coloured plastic things, and of course those few personal treasures from birthdays and Christmases past that I never take off (and that don’t turn my skin green), but when it comes to accessorising I’ve always been more of a a shoes and bags girl. Until now…

My internship is heavily jewellery focused, and being surrounded by such luxury has drawn my eye to the impact that a simple piece of jewellery can have on an outfit and an entire look. I thought I’d start small and experiment with what I already have by jazzing up a simple grey jersey midi dress. My entire outfit consisted of this minimalist dress and 4 pieces of (admittedly cheap) jewellery, but the effect was impressive.

IMG_5192IMG_5195IMG_5213I chose these two bangles because one added a pop of colour but seemed lonely on its own, so I paired it with a plain gold bangle from a stack. Sitting at a desk and typing, it’s not ideal having loose jewellery on my arm because 1) it makes an incredibly irritable noise in such silent offices and 2) it’s uncomfortable! So I slid them up my arm until they were comfortably staying still.IMG_5214I love this simplistic knot ring so much. If only it were real gold! I think it was a cheap steal from Brandy and Melville, but it’s a lovely little accessory for any outfit. The thin band is extremely inoffensive but the knot detailing makes it interesting to look at – I still can’t quite work out how it’s knotted because there are no splits in the band at all!

IMG_5209IMG_5232IMG_5230And finally my twee teacup necklace. This was high up on my birthday list a few years ago but I still find it absolutely adorable. I’d honestly forgotten about it, so when I found it hiding at the bottom of my necklace drawer I made sure it was incorporated into an outfit pronto. I’m a sucker for novelty jewellery and I’m partial to 5 or 6 cups of tea a day, so this is one necklace that I’ll be layering and pairing in outfits to come.

I’d love to hear any tips or comments anyone has about wearing jewellery, and how I can economically ease myself into both wearing and owning it! I hope to invest and have more jewellery focused clubs soon xxx


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