‘Friends’ on-trend

My greatest moment was hands down asking for the Friends 10 season box set for Christmas. Three years on my obsession has gradually faded into watching an episode here and there, and now it seems I’m far more drawn to their clothes than the comedy. The sitcom is set back in a time when flared pants, shocking prints and questionable two pieces are all the rage; trends which cause most modern viewers in cringe in disgust. But there’s no doubt that 90s style has decided to grace us with its presence one more, with particular Friends ensembles being really quite on-trend at the moment. Whod’a thunk?!

1. Tartan

Screenshot 2014-07-30 20.30.38Photos: Pinterest

I wouldn’t necessarily consider tartan to be iconically 90s, apart from in Punk social circles, so this in particular stood out to me. A high wasted tartan kilt paired with a tucked in cream jumper and knee high socks (very American Apparel) – cute! It seems very likely that the above variations were lovers of Rachel’s look here too.

2. Gingham

Screenshot 2014-07-30 20.30.52Photos: Pinterest

Tartan went through a flash faze and quickly faded into gingham, particularly in monochrome, which is somewhat easier to work into a wardrobe. Again, ignoring Monica’s heinous dress Rachel is strikingly on-trend. A gingham sundress with wavy locks and a retro watch, replicated by style-lovers everywhere this summer.

3. Sports luxe crop top

Screenshot 2014-07-30 20.30.55Top: Forever 21, bottom: Topshop

You see a lot of crop tops in Friends, given, but sports luxe? No way! Of all the trends about at the moment this is something I wouldn’t have expected to see in a 90s tv show, especially not paired with palazzo pants. Go Monana! (Had to slip a Friends quote in there somewhere). Of all the sportswear about I would choose the crop top as a summer staple.

4. Chokers

Screenshot 2014-07-30 20.30.57Top: Topshop, bottom photo: Pinterest

There’s no two ways about it, the choker is 90s through and through. Part of its charm is that we can dig out our tattoo chokers from primary school and see if they still fit!  They don’t… But still I think this one worn by Phoebe is particularly relevant at the moment, and is an accessory featured in stores and blogposts all over the shop. Not all as luxurious as Cara’s, mind.

5. Mom jeans

Mom jeansMiddle: Topshop, right: Urban Outfitters


And finally, the comfiest jeans in the world. Back when flares were chic and nothing was skin tight – it was a simpler time – Mom jeans reigned supreme and would be in everyone’s wardrobe. I’m a massive fan and I hope they’re here to stay!


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