The little things

My daily routine has shifted somewhat considerably since starting my summer internship (7 weeks to go!), and I’m having to make the most of every single hour I have to myself in the evenings and at the weekend. And that’s harder than it sounds!! It would be so easy to get the train home everyday, collapse on the sofa and not move until I have to leave the house the next morning, but this is still my summer holiday and so I need to motivate myself to socialise. This post is dedicated to the little things and finer details that have actually made my first full 9 to 5 week eventful and exciting – and if this can inspire you in any way then even better.

IMG_5153The life changing L’Oreal True Match foundation which has completed my make-up bag and solved many of my problems

IMG_5035The futuristic toilet cubicles at Sketch, which topped off a wonderful cocktail catch-up with a good friend in an incredibly quirky London bar.

IMG_5093Adorable teacup bouquets, which is an idea that is definitely going to be in the wedding planner (in the very, very far off future of course).

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 18.16.46

I relived my childhood with this intricate floral face paint, I just couldn’t resist! I wiped it off with a heavy heart but not before takings some snaps.

IMG_5144Absolutely stunning steamed buns from a Street Food Market in Lewisham, filled with pork belly/hoi sin sauce and portobello mushrooms/walnuts.



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