Active Saturday

Yesterday I discovered that the best way to spend a hot and sunny Saturday is to find three friends, jump in a car and take a road trip down to a reservoir for a hike. Yes, that’s right, a hike. I’ve done my fair share of hikes because of D of E and going through the scouting movement as a youngster, but I never quite thought that I would be going hiking as a recreational activity with three of my closest friends just for the fun of it. But it really was fun!!

IMG_4920 IMG_4937 IMG_4959 IMG_4971 IMG_4917

We drove for about 2 hours on the way there (in desperate search of M&S so we could get the best food for our picnic), and only an hour on the way back so it was as easy as anything to get there. There was a lot to do in Bewl Water, but we just strolled around the footpaths that circled the water, catching up on the things we had missed in each other’s lives over the past few months of university. Walking has never been more entertaining.

IMG_4888 IMG_4880 IMG_4909 IMG_4912

For such energetic entertainment I stuck with practical gym gear. We looked a sight the four of us dressed for an exercise class but we were thankful for the flexibility once we were on our way. I was wearing a PINK cami top, Nike capri pants, Nike sports bra and my nike Freeruns (there’s a bit of a theme to my workout wear). Apparently this combination made me reminiscent of Meredith Blake (the one everyone hates) in Parent Trap, which I wasn’t quite sure whether to take as a compliment or not! I also styled my hair into a fishtail plait which was extremely comfortable but also made me look that little bit less like a gym-goer.


I am so glad we got out of the house yesterday and did this! I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t live near a beach – you get to enjoy the incredible weather we’ve been lucky enough to be having, socialise with your friends with the bonus of doing some exercise too. Great idea, lovely day and top gals.




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