My festival wardrobe

The only emotion competing with my excitement for Glastonbury is the stress of packing for it! With two festivals to go by for tips I consider myself well prepared for 5 days of mud, music and misdemeanours, but that doesn’t make this any less challenging. The only way to succeed in this is to prioritise, which I think I have done with my chosen rucksack wardrobe:


Three pairs of shorts provide a solid but varied base for my outfits. It’s well known that legs dry faster than material, so even in the predicted rain they’re more practical than trousers.


Getting cold won’t be an option with the long sleeves I’m taking. Two jumpers and a denim shirt allow me to choose my layer depending on the weather. Not to mention my 100% practical, 0% stylish raincoat! Call me boring but let’s face it a mac is an essential.


Crop tops are still going strong and with the highwaisted shorts I’m bringing I won’t be too exposed whilst wearing them. They’re compact and plain, which makes them perfect for comfortable and limited outfit choices.


I rest safe in the knowledge that my feet will be well protected from mud, spilled beer and heavy people in the crowd! I invested in my own pair of Hunter wellies this year (having borrowed mummy’s whenever I’ve needed them so far) and at sale price they were a great buy. Black is far too harsh against my pale skin but navy is that little bit more flattering with the same neutrality as black. Plus, the pink stripe adds a little umph and let’s me stand out from the crowd whilst in the crowd! I love it when practicality can be stylish.

IMG_4988My toiletry bag contains: hairspray, dry shampoo, hand moisturiser, a nail file, hairbrush, vaseline, eye make up remover, toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste, deodorant, face moisturiser, cleansing gel, shampoo, wet wipes, face wipes, cotton pads

IMG_4989Minimal makeup: mascara, foundation, foundation brush, blusher, concealer, concealer brush, comb, eyeliner and brush

Toiletries are another hurdle to overcome. Of course you should take what you need, but I’m a massive contingency packer which means my toiletry bag is usually overflowing to account for any possible scenario. I think I’ve hit the nail on the head with what I’ve packed, taking special care to remember wet wipes and dry shampoo for my daily “shower”. This certainly isn’t going to be glamping! One thing I’d recommend is a nail file because nothing will detract from your fun more than constantly picking at a chipped or broken nail! That sounds unbelievably petty and shallow but you’ll solve the issue instantly with a nail file handy.


Finally: accessories. I’ve not achieved the stereotypical festival wardrobe because it lacks a kimono and a flowery headband, but they’re nothing compared to my green wig! Glitter will be worn and spilt, and my trusty money belt, although extremely aesthetically displeasing, is so useful for keeping my valuables safe. This will be filled with my Eco-friendly wind up cow torch, my hip flask and of course hand sanitiser, along with my other valuables. Speaking of valuables, I can’t wait to play snake on the Nokia 1100 that I’m taking! No matter how many precautions I take I’m not risking losing my beautiful iPhone 5S to the sodden ground, plus they’re even still ahead of the game for battery life (especially with the spare charged battery I’m bringing).

Along with pyjamas, a towel and bikini for showering and the boring socks and underwear, that’s it! Chances are I’ve forgotten something important to surviving the wilderness, but I’ve learnt from past experiences and filled my rucksack as economically as possible. The more I’ve typed the more excited I’ve become at the thought of spending 5 days with some of my closest friends and without a care in the world, which is just what I need before two months of 9-5s in London. Just because you’re going to a festival doesn’t mean you have to slum it or temporarily reinvent yourself: it just takes patience, prioritising and organisation and you can bring everything you need. If anything it says a lot about how much of the stuff you have in your life is superfluous and unimportant when it comes down to it! Or maybe that is a slight exaggeration…



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