So long second year

I am back to blogging as much as I want to and is physically possible!! The last month has both gone by in a flash and dragged out in the most torturous way, but now that I’m home and my second year at Bristol is over all I can do is reflect on how great it’s been. This term has been hard, no doubt about it. Five weeks of being in the library 8-6, oven cooked dinners and testing exams and only a week at the end of it all to finally celebrate and enjoy Bristol. This post is just a tribute to how incredible this term has actually been even though I socialised no more than five times and spent a great deal of my time moaning about exams. I’ve only got my incredible housemates to thank for that and day by day I’m becoming more upset that I won’t be living with them again next year!!

This term was both far too short and far too long for my liking, but I’ve celebrated two housemates birthdays and the end of what has been another incredible year in Bristol.

1908303_10152448560170992_395128684998320098_n 10152516_295763230578753_8370168740850379160_n


I personally very much grew to love how I looked with short green hair

10247366_10154203207465346_775063166937915208_n 10303290_10154225025720346_4903919358603468605_n 10313361_10152472324927629_6636637652504195184_n 10372067_10154225022640346_3917610032422461340_n10469729_10154225021305346_6168860502448498718_nGoldney formal: I was wearing mint blue PVC pencil skirt (Topshop), white crop top (Topshop), yellow beaded necklace (Accessorize), chunky leather and wooden heels (Bertie)


Not to mention everything that came before that!!

Jailhouse Rock line-up B&W 1459290_10152108714882495_1992854133_n 1461830_10152123229687495_218878476_n 1463420_10152039844797495_1932018272_n 1379738_10151953594447495_1238299862_n 1001275_10152067242297495_519747894_nFab term, fab year, even more fabulous people. I’m thrilled to be home for summer, but bring on third year!


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