The dress code that everyone dreads: smart/casual. There’s a fine line between the two, and in some situations its just not something that can be compromised on. I wish we didn’t feel so pressured to conform to everyone else’s standards of ‘smart’ or ‘casual’, but sometime’s we do feel the pressure, and we must conform.

Photo on 28-05-2014 at 13.23 #3 Photo on 28-05-2014 at 13.23 #4 I had an informal interview that I had to dress appropriately for (or so I told myself), and this was my compromise: grey skinny jeans, my toothpaste-striped shirt and trainers. Simple, smart but something that could pass off as an everyday ensemble. I got complimented on my shirt – it must have been the last minute ironing that did it – and for once I felt neither underdressed nor OTT. This season casual means casual, so when you’re faced with a daunting smart/casual situation I’d recommend dressing down whilst you can. Abuse the ability to wear trainers and jeans, because once the season changes and impracticality is back in fashion you’ll regret not embracing it!

Photo on 28-05-2014 at 13.24 #2

Grey Joni Jeans (Topshop), blue and white striped shirt (Ralph Lauren mens), Nike Air Max Thea trainers, Mondaine watch


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