Eat, Sleep, Revise, Repeat*

*With emphasis on the eat and revise, not so much on the sleep…

Exam season in Bristol is well and truly underway, and with all three of my exams still to go my morale is dropping to all kinds of low. Three of my housemates have finished (their one exam), been to Barcelona and a music festival, and I am still 3 days away from being able to cross off one of my exams. Why I’m being picked on by my university I have no idea.

My repetitive daily routine consists of rising at 7am, getting into the library for 8am and pushing through until the sweet release of 6pm. I stumble home, unfortunately not drunk (although I am usually buzzing off of lucozade), to an oven cooked meal and a bed that I become more and more attached to by the day. It’s pretty brutal to be honest.

IMG_4630Thank the Lord for my travel mug…

The hardest thing is that this is all self-inflicted! It’s by choice that I am sleep deprived, secluding myself from sociable situations and filling my brain with what I can only imagine I will have forgotten in a week’s time. I’m no longer required by law to submit myself to education, and the only thing getting me through is the realisation that this is necessary to establish myself in the working world, which I can only hope is more fulfilling than my days are at the moment. It’s ironic that I enjoy my degree throughout the year until the point when it really matters…

I love university, but I really, really cannot wait for summer.


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