Now that the beautiful weather has moved on, I had resigned myself to the next two weeks of exams being full of miserable thoughts, low hopes and possibly insanity. That is, until I got home today to see a little box waiting outside my door, inside which sat a cake, just for me! I’m sure you can imagine the elation of finding a cake outside your door for you and you only to devour. Well, imagine how warmed my heart felt when I read the little card sitting inside, signed “Love Elliot” – that is my boyfriend by the way (although even if it was from a stranger I wouldn’t have said no…).



I heard about Sponge recently, and I was blown away by the concept, extremely disappointed in myself that I hadn’t thought of it first and also excited at the thought that one day I might get one myself. And now I have. A extremely appetising, fun, homemade (that’s my favourite bit) cake, just for me. Oh, and it tastes ruddy good too!




The next time a far-away friend has a birthday, or you want to wish someone luck for their looming exams, or you just want to perk them up a little bit, go online and type in http://www.sponge.co.uk and I guarantee you will make someone’s day. If my boyfriend can’t be here to cheer me up during revision and exams, then this scrummy cake is the next best thing.

IMG_4607(And yes, I do have my own personalised cake tin.)



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