Cleated Sandals

The one-up that winter has over summer is footwear. I love a solid pair of chunky leather boots; they go with everything and provide maximum comfort. When it comes to sandals, pumps and flip flops, that is certainly not the case. I struggle year after year to find the pair of sandals that I’m looking for, but for the first time this year the process couldn’t have been more painless.



Winter’s chunk fascination has been inherited by summer as platform, flatform, and cleated sandals are everywhere. I found and fell in love with this pair from River Island. I was at first dubious of the harsh monochrome black and white because neither compliment my pasty complexion, but I’ve found that this makes them appropriate for even more outfit combinations. The white heel and sole is traditional of summer, and the black means that in the in-between stages of spring and autumn I can still wear them without feeling underdressed for the weather.

Photo on 10-05-2014 at 15.19 #2

Photo on 10-05-2014 at 15.20 #2

Shoes: River Island, Joni jeans: Topshop, knitted polo: Topshop

Today for work I paired them with my new crisp white Joni jeans and my pastel knitted polo top. Everyone commented on how ‘summery’ I looked for such a rainy day (it was sunny when I left the house, I promise) and I was comfortable throughout my whole shift in these sandals. Despite the bulky heel, the top is extremely flattering for my foot shape and they really do look more elegant than expected. If you’re looking for that summer shoe that can fulfil both the casual and formal role, cleated sandals are the way forward.

Photo on 10-05-2014 at 15.20 #4I kept my accessories simple today wearing my Mondaine watch, a jewelled ring (from Turkey), my white gold ring and my silver tiffany bracelet

IMG_4518Instagram: rosemolly93


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