Let It Rip

It’s highly likely you have at least one pair of jeans that will need replacing come autumn, so why not send them off with a bang? And a rip! I personally have an extremely faded, misshapen and slightly holey pair of black jeans which are now in tip top trendy shape for the summer. All you need is a white pencil, a pair of scissors and a needle (or a safety pin will do) to reincarnate an old pair of jeans into the ensemble in highest demand this season: DIY ripped jeans.

I recommend putting the jeans on and pinning where you want the rips; I chose standard mid-knee so that I can add as many as I want with a central starting point. Take them off, use the pencil to mark the pin line and remove the pins. After that it really is as simple as you’d think!

IMG_4425  IMG_4429

Create a whole on the edge of the line either with the scissors or a sharper object, and then cut along the line being careful not to go too far. Next, to rough up the edges, I used a sewing needle to pull the horizontal threads away from the tear in order to create frays along the rip and also to have thin threads running across the hole. It takes patience, and I would recommend only pulling one thread at a time to avoid knotting or unwanted tearing.


Now it’s simply a matter of trying them on, seeing if you approve of your handiwork and adjusting it accordingly! Having tried mine on I decided I wanted more fraying and threads across the middle so I kept picking for a while, with the jeans on, and being extra careful not to prick myself with the needle.


There you have it: ripped jeans to perk up your wardrobe and keep on-trend with the casual styles this summer. And just think, when rips go out of style you can always cut them at the thigh and you have a new pair of shorts.

Photo on 29-04-2014 at 18.49 #4

Photo on 29-04-2014 at 18.50 #3

DIY ripped jeans, styled with a plain, loose H&M blouse and Nike Air Max Thea’s


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