The P Word

There is an art to packing (just typing the word makes me shiver), and whilst I consider myself relatively skilled at it it’s not a task I enjoy. I can narrow down what I’m going to take relatively well, I’m naturally a neat freak so folding is easy enough and I can always squeeze everything into whatever luggage I have. What I dislike so much about it is that it means I’m leaving home! Again!


I love university but along with the happiness of coming home comes the despair of leaving it for another term, and this term will be full of exams. Still, it must be done and whilst it saddens me the Spring weather that this term will (hopefully) be filled with allows some creativity and vibrancy in the wardrobe I’m packing for the next 6 weeks. Although it’ll mostly be full of track suit days spent revising and pyjama days when I refuse to leave my room, here are some pieces I’m excited to be taking back to Bristol with me.


For once I’m well equipped with jackets suitable for the warmer seasons! I have the classic denim jacket, my new bomber and my crisp, smart white biker – a small but effective selection of outerwear for this season.


Bags have a special place in my wardrobe, and so my heart. Along with my beloved Mulberry, Longchamp and satchel, I’m adding in my cream Modalu which can perk up any outfit. Not to mention its incredible, deceptive storage space!


Spots and dots and beautiful bright colours! I’ve said goodbye to heavy, dark jumpers and I’m welcoming in the short-sleeved punchy and polka dot tops. These two tops in particular are effective with any old pair of jeans.

Of course the usual 5 different styles of jeans, abundance of shoes and comfortable trackies and hoodies are included, but just these few pieces have perked up my packing ever so slightly. I’m sure that I’ll be coming home with much more than I leave with (it’s payday today), but I’m satisfied with what I’ve been able to squeeze into two Ikea bags (shoes and bags included)!


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