Bomber Jacket

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. Except for when they’re combined with this season’s number one choice for outerwear: the bomber jacket. I struggle to do ‘casual’ that isn’t to the joggers and hoodie extreme, so this revolutionised bomber jacket is the perfect halfway-point for me. After weeks of googling, pinteresting and internet surfing for a floral bomber, I came across this hidden gem by Marks and Spencer (of all places!).

8 Floral bomber jacket (Marks and Spencer), nude floral tee (Primark), grey Joni jeans (Topshop), blue polka dot Vans

Despite the sun shining there is still a bitter bite in the air, so today I opted for my reliable joni jeans, a nude floral tee and my new bomber. It’s somewhat of a floral overload but the neutral and complimentary tones avoid causing aesthetic offence. To top it off I added in a floral daisy necklace. Busy on top but plain on the bottom: attention grabbing but not OTT. The great thing about a casual fit jacket is that it looks wrong with formal shoes, so it’s comfortable Vans or Converse every time for me now!

10 I’m extremely comfortable but I still feel like my outfit has a bit of pizzazz in it, all thanks to the delicate balance that M&S has struck with this jacket. I’m sure that any bolder colour would condemn it to an 80s dress up box, but the neutral nudes and gold thread throughout just adds a touch of finesse to a casual and classic wardrobe necessity.


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