Dresses are always tricky to wear casually. I myself always seem to feel overdressed as soon as I’m wearing a dress without heels, but the new midi-craze that has swept the fashion nation has changed that completely for me. This jersey midi-dress has solved many a wardrobe dilemma for me – if there’s any time you want to chuck something on to look respectable outside, but still b comfortable and casual, this dress is the one to wear.

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Topshop midi dress (£26)

I’ve mostly been wearing it to work because running around a shop floor is much easier when I’m not worrying about pulling my waste band up or my top down. It’s plain and simple, but goes with almost any shoes, plus it can be worn over tights or under a jumper on colder days. Here I’m wearing it with bare legs and my outrageous leopard print converse (they were in the sale), which for once don’t clash because the dress is so plain and versatile. I’m waiting for an opportunity to dress it up with a pair of chunky heels and a statement necklace because the slim silhouette of the dress would look great with some chunkier accessories. I seriously recommend investing in a midi skirt or dress – it’s the perfect summer wardrobe piece that can be easily dressed up or down with maximum comfort either way.



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