Mom’s the Word

My new safe-bet pair of jeans that are perfect for relaxing in style are Topshop’s Mom jeans, introduced last year and still going strong. They’re considerably looser fitting than the classic skinny jean which introduces new realms of comfort and flexibility (it’s amazing what swapping jogging bottoms for a pair of these does to one’s productivity and motivation levels). I also think they’re an extremely convincing mirror image of the classic vintage Levi 501s, so if you don’t have access to a reliable second-hand establishment or you’re not a fan of wearing clothes someone else owned before you, then these are a more than adequate replacement.

IMG_4347 IMG_4350

I wear my light blue pair with pastel vest tops and my over-worn pink cropped jumper when I’m in the mood to look twee. Otherwise, on days like today, I pair the darker jeans with a loose jumper to rock the ‘housewife’ look. They can also be perfectly matched with a tight-fitting crop top because the high waist is extremely flattering on any body shape, so it’d be a shame to waste it under a baggy top all the time!

This season’s ripped jeans trend has seen a surge of new styles being introduced, which I am a massive fan of:

02M03FWHT_2_large 02M28FBLC_2_large

 Left: Topshop Moto Ripped White Mom jeans £40 (here), right: Topshop Moto Ripped Blue Wash Mom jeans £40 (here)

If the time has come to invest in a new pair of reliable, durable and comfortable jeans, then head straight to Topshop and grab a pair of these bad boys.


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