Spring has arrived

Along with the sudden improvement in the weather that we’ve all been waiting for come the wardrobe dilemmas that we dread. The sun is strong and will turn any black clothing into a thermal, but the wind is as piercing and unpleasant as ever. Today (Mother’s Day) I went for a family dog walk in Greenwich Park so I faced the annual in-between seasons decisions.

Dog walk 3High-waisted Mom jeans (Topshop), green polka dot loose tee (vintage), white biker jacket (Primark), tan leather satchel (“borrowed” from mum), dirty white hi-top Converse

I opted for my light blue Mom jeans, a bright loose top to compete with the glowing sun and a light, white biker jacket for an optional layer. I spent most of the afternoon jacket-less but when the sun went in it was the perfect protection against the breeze. I predict that a light jacket will be a necessity for a few months to come and we won’t be going bare-armed quite yet so do invest! I hope you’ve all had as wonderful a weekend as I have.



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