Techno geek-chic

Despite the competition from Android for slender, contemporary designs, there is no phone that compares to the chic & sleek body of the iPhone 5s. It was a natural progression from my white iPhone 4s, which towards the end of its days had the life expectancy of a greenfly, and it’s safe to say I am not disappointed with my upgrade. It’s what I know, it’s what I’m used to; except this time, I’ve gone for gold.

iphone 5s gold

I’ve been through the pink Motorola V220 phase. I managed to persuade my parents that a Blackberry was appropriate for a non-entrepeneurial 16 year old. But never, not through any of my delusional phone fetishes, did I expect my future self to own a gold phone. Having said this, if there’s any manufacturer that can make gold look classy, sophisticated and tasteful, it’s Apple – for proof of this, you only need to google ‘gold Blackberry’, ta-cky! In fact, the colour is so convincingly elegant that my mum and I thought that the gold colour was called “champagne”. Considering the subtlety of the shade of gold Apple have gone for it’s not entirely surprising we misconceived the name because I certainly disagree with it.

A new phone should make you want to use it for every possible task, despite the pen and paper in front of you or the laptop that you could Facebook from. It should make you excited to answer a call even when its an unknown number that you always irrationally fear answering. It should be a leave-it-out-on-the-table-for-everyone-to-see phone, your latest fashion accessory and most loyal companion. In other words, it should be the gold iPhone 5s.


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