2 become 1

After months of planning and preparations the night finally came when I could reveal the full wonder of my two-piece. Last night we celebrated my housemate Bryony’s 21st birthday, which of course calls for something more special than jeans, a slightly transparent top and heeled boots. For this sophisticated but still student-based occasion I wore my red Topshop two-piece, a simple but flatteringly shaped Ted Baker cami top and a pair of chunky heeled New Look boots.

Red two-pieceTop & bottoms

I accessorised with a black belt so as not to stray from the Red and Black vibe of the outfit. The event we went to was called Itchy Feet and it was Jailhouse Rock themed, so of course my housemates and I were prepared with our hand made mugshot board proudly displaying our reasons for arrest. Mine was ‘stalking and harassment’, don’t ask why.

stalking and harassment(This photo is not an accurate representation of me)

I’m excited about long awaited arrival of SS14 and the co-ord craze that’s hit the hughstreet. In particular, I’ll be keeping my eye out for these babies (presuming I can find a fake tan to cure my milky complexion) –

Miss Selfridge co ordMiss Selfridge yellow crop co-ord (top £25 and skirt £35) – perfect for a sophisticated barbecue

Missguided co ordMissguided Brianna dogtooth co-ord (skirt £14.99 and top) – in love with this Clueless-esque ensemble

Planning what to buy for the next event on your social calendar? Remember: two’s a party (and three’s a crowd).


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